Dr. Jim’s Top 10

Dr. Jim’s Top 10 barriers to creating an effective & meaningful work place

  1. Part of the Team: Not being and feeling part of the team, not sharing the vision and purpose, not being encouraged to contribute to the overall mission of the organization.

  2. Expectations: Poorly defined roles, goals and expectations. Confusion with expectations, and the end results.

  3. Communications: Fragmented communications, ineffective dialogue.

  4. Difficult People: Dealing with difficult difficult people. I’m right and you’re wrong attitude. Personality disorders. Angry people also individuals who feel inadequate or victimized.

  5. Outside Problems: Overflow of outside problems into the work place.

  6. Sense of Humor: Lacking a sense of humor and/or taking one’s self too seriously.

  7. Far Removed from the Problem: When employees feel decision makers are too far removed from the problem and unable to relate or have empathy, for those suffering or experiencing the distressful situation. Poorly trained for the positions which fosters insecurity and other problems.

  8. Unable to Predict or Control the Environment: A climate of inconsistencies. What’s next? Who’s next?

  9. Poor Implementation: Poor implementation of policy changes.

10. Trust and Respect: Failure to create an industrial culture of trust and respect.

James F. Skalicky, Ph.D., Psychologist
Reframing the Workplace, June 18, 1998