Reduce the Stress and Increase the Learning with Christ Centered Psychology

  1. Release the past. Thinking about past failures, hurts and misfortunes only keep the pain alive in memory. Forgive yourself—God does!
  2. Reframe disappointments and setbacks into learning experiences. Many trials are blessings in disguise. They put us in touch with reality. Don’t be afraid to make friends with reality.
  3. Take time to relax and meditate. Don’t let your day be too crowded by trying to do too much. Enjoy some hobby or pastime that gives you comfortable solitude. Centering prayer, the rosary, spending time in your garden, taking a walk or listening to music, can also be a true reward.
  4. Avoid the perfectionist attitude. It is more important to be real than to be perfect. Listen to yourself, do you call yourself “stupid”, “ugly”, “a failure”. If things do not go perfectly according to plans, how do you feel? Evaluate the situation, be fair with yourself. There is only one perfect God.
  5. Continue to learn. Those who teach must continue to learn, enjoy the process.
  6. Look for causes of your concerns. Don’t focus on some personal defect in yourself or in your children. Create a solution zone. Become aware of how the situations were created and how you may be contributing to the problem or how perhaps you are allowing it to continue. Creating, contributing, or allowing continuing, are significant factors to keep in mind in reducing stress.
  7. Gratitude. What good people and happy people have in common is the ability to retain a deep appreciation for even the basic things in life: even if the experiences have become routine. Too often things are taken for granted.
  8. Remember the Serenity Prayer. “God grant me the …….” Learn the importance of boundaries.
  9. Have someone, or two, with whom you can openly and honestly share your real inner feelings. Remember, we are a community in Christ. Sharing even our feelings of brokenness with another can bring healing.
  10. Feed your faith-your doubts will starve to death. “Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119:165  Your faith should be active, remember faith can move mountains, but bring a shovel.