Clinical Psychologist
License No. PSY12446


  Major Field:  Psychology
B.S.:  Loyola University,  Los Angeles, California (1972)
M.A.:  Loyola University,  Los Angeles California (1978)
Ph.D.:  Kansas State University,  Manhattan, Kansas (1982)
Post-Doctoral Training
  Internship:  Sierra Royale Hospital,  Azusa, California


  • ADHD In Adults, 1995
  • The Suicide of a Patient: Personal & Psychodynamic, 1995
  • 1996 National Professional Health Conference, 1996
  • Living, Dying & Grieving, 1998
  • Bringing Therapeutic Awareness to Painful Experian, 1998
  • LACPA 10th Annual Convention, 1998
  • Ax & Tx Chemical Dependency: Practical Approach, 1998
  • Many Faces of Anger Conference, 1999
  • Integrating Medicine, Science & the Spirit, 2000
  • Spirituality & Healing in Medicine, 2000
  • The 2nd Annual National Trauma Conference-Exploitation & Sexual, 2001
  • The Search for Meaning Through Stories and Psychotherapy, 2002
  • The Psychology of Creativity and a Life with the Muses, 2002
  • Healing the Hardware of the Soul, 2002
  • Spirituality and Psychotherapy, 2002
Principal Professional Positions Held
  Private Practice:  Covina, California
Psychotherapist:  CPC Horizon Hospital,  Pomona, California (1989-Present)
Psychotherapist:  Sierra Royale Hospital,  Azusa, California (1982-1989)
Professor:  Citrus College, Glendora, California (1982-Present)
Teaching Assistant:  Kansas State University (1980-1982)
Director Of Patient Education:  Sierra Royale Hospital,  Azusa, California (1980-1982)
Teacher:  Los Angeles Catholic School District High School (1973-1976)
Vice Principal:  St. Clement Elementary School,  Venice, California (1972-1973)
  Clinical Psychologist: License Number Psy 12446
California Secondary/Life (Psychology)
Community College Credential
Professional Membership
  American and  California Psychological Associations
  California Teachers Association
  Board  Member  Los Angeles  County Mental Heath