Dr. Jim has a fascination with antique autos. Here is how he is described in a recent newsletter article:


Jim started out with a Model T but it seemed to be under repair about as much as he drove it. He told me, “I think the T stands for trouble.” So he decided to upgrade to a much more modern car, a Model A, and bought a 1928 AR Phaeton. It is a very early one, with a number of 2251.

He found the Model A so much more reliable that the last time he took the Model T in for repairs – last May – he bought another Model A, this one a 1931 Deluxe Coupe. He sounds like a number of others in our club who have been bitten by the Model A bug. The Model T, meanwhile, is still at the mechanic’s.

Jim is a Psychologist; some say just what our club needs. He teaches at Citrus College and also has a private practice. Wife Lan is the office manager of his practice. Interestingly, his private practice consists mostly of postal workers.

Jim and Lan have been married for ten years and have three children, 7 grandchildren, and one on the way. They’re lucky all the grandchildren live nearby so they’re easy to spoil.

Jim took up playing piano about three years ago. Lan said he showed marked improvement in the first six months; since then, not so much. Jim and Lan also enjoy gardening.

One thing they are known for in their neighborhood is decorating their house and yard for holidays. They usually try to incorporate the old cars into the decorations. They’ve posted a couple of videos of their decorations on You Tube, look for “Halloween Model T” and “Zombies and Friends.”

Since they are still working they have trouble making it to some of our weekday events, but hope to get to know the other members better as time goes by. Let’s make an effort to welcome them at a meeting.