Dealing with stress

James F. Skalicky, Ph.D

Stress is part of life that we all must learn how to manage. Here are a few tips to reduce stress at work and in your personal life.

KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP Allow ample time for rest and relaxation. Create healthy diversions from life’s daily demands such as reading or listening to music. Be certain to eat a nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise.

REMOVE UNNECESSARY STRESS Learn to say no to request made by others which place you in extremely unpleasant or irritating situations. If you have a compulsion to do things a certain way that causes stress, change it.

DEAL WITH PROBLEMS SYSTEMATICALLY When you encounter a problem, take a moment to identify the underlying cause. Try to recognize the problems which you have no control over and rather than waste energy on them, accept them. Consider possible solutions but be aware of repercussions that may result form your reactions to the problems.

DEVELOP A STRATEGIC APPROACH Don’t take things personally. Don’t allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions. Try not to make something out of nothing. Choose to experiment and learn problem solving techniques.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. Take the time to be well informed. Educate yourself about policies and procedures. Discover appropriate channels for dealing with problems and use them.

UNDERSTAND YOUR LIMITATIONS Your emotional energy and tolerance are limited, so use them sparingly. However, your ability to enjoy, imagine, and succeed are unlimited, so use them freely. Set goals within your limitations and act to achieve them.